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   SmokinTone Effect Pedal 
Smokin' Tone Cigar Box Guitars & Effects Pedals
We've introduced a new effect pedal. Designed and built by our own Amp Doctor, Terry Newton. Limited quantities available at the store. You can hear and play them at the Skully's Tuesday blues nite. Just like the Cigar Box Guitars, these pedals are made here at Superior Music!
Photos and clips coming and online ordering soon!

Superior Music adds *Zuercher Boutique Amplifiers,
Quilter Labs - Amplifiers
*Rainsong Guitars
*Alvarez Guitars

Rules of the Jam
Read this, and you will know how we conduct a jam.
How to sing the Blues
Write your own classic Blues song by following these guidelines

Nick Novelli - Music Instructor at Superior Music  Music Lessons    
Guitar - Bass - Piano - Keys -
Banjo -Mandolin - Vocals - Music Theory
Electronics Tech_Terry
Superior Music's Amp Doctor Division
 is the place to go with your vintage tube amp. Tubes tested, and sold. New & Used
Still looking for another electronics tech, apply in person.

Pedals-Pedals-Pedals at Superior Music

Check out our huge selection of Guitar Effects Pedals!! 

Authorized Dealer for: Analog Alien, Boss, Cast Engineering, Dunlop, MXR, Wampler, Keeley, Mooer, Maxon, Mad Professor, Metal Pedals, T.C. Electronics, Smokin' Tone & more.



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QUALITY - "Is like buying oats"
If you want nice, clean oats,
you must pay a fair price;
however if you can be satisfied with
oats that have been through the horse -


Ed King (center)- Guitar player for Lynyrd Skynyrd (the guy that wrote Sweet Home Alabama) stopping by. Chuck (left) & Kathy (right) play 12 & 6 string acoustic originals & covers at various local venues & eateries.

Ted Nugent saying hello

Neil ZaZa & Chuck
Neil ZaZa hanging out

Michael Angelo & Chuck

Michael Angelo Batio Hangin

T. Graham Brown & Chuck
T. Graham Brown

Robben Ford & Chuck
Robben Ford
Skunk Baxter & Chuck
Skunk Baxter  He smiles on the inside
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