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Listed below are some of the common repairs & setups made daily
at Superior Music. In addition to these listed repairs, we also have
the capability of making major repairs and custom guitars.
We are authorized parts & accessories dealers for many brands,
we can provide you with authentic Replacement parts and repairs.
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        Stringed Instrument Repair      
Setups Fret Work Electronic
Action Set-ups
Get your Guitar action set 
where you like it
Eliminate buzz and "high" action
Have your guitar play like "butter"
Fret replacement
Get your worn uneven frets replaced. We can replace one or all of them.

Pick-Up Install
Active Electronics, Pickups, Custom wiring, acoustic, etc.
We are a FISHMAN , EMG
Gibson , and Fender authorized pick-up dealer

Floyd Rose Style Tremolo

Let our experts set up your 
tremolo right.
Just changing string gauges
will dramatically alter
playability. Do you have 
trouble staying in tune? 
A proper set up will help
Fret leveling

Fret crowning

Fret polishing

Pot replacement
[ 250k or 500k]
250k pots go best with
humbuckers & 500k with
single coils
. 250k are
usually warmer sounding
in all applications

Fixed Tremolo
Other Switch Service
We will clean, or replace
Fixed Bridge
Pick guards
Have a custom pick
 guard installed
Replace / Repair Wiring
Your guitar plays fine in the
low positions but seems out 
of tune higher up the neck

This is bad intonation and 
we can fix it.

Machine heads
Broken & defective tuning machines replaced with original or higher quality

Repair grounding problems
Do you get a lot of noise
when you touch your guitar? We can help

Bridge Saddles
Free estimates of your repair needs
Truss rod & neck adjustments
Many playability problems
can be resolved  with an 
expert truss rod adjustment 
Saddles & Nuts
Choose from materials
such as; Bone, Micarta,
Corian, Graphite and
molded plastic
Input Jack
Replace that worn noisy jack 

Warranty repairs