1960? Gibson GA-83S Stereo  / TUBE / Combo Amp / Amplifier

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Gibson GA83S Stereo Amp / Superior Music   Gibson GA83S Stereo Amp / Superior Music Gibson GA83S Stereo Amp / Superior Music  


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                 1960? Gibson GA-83S / Stereo Tube Combo Amp - Amplifier w/ Vibrato

There are two stereo input jacks and two mono inputs jacks. There are three stacked pots each with concentric knobs for volume, treble and bass. The outer knob controls one channel while the inner knob controls the other. This makes it quick and easy to find the correct knob for adjusting. A tremolo frequency control and a tremolo depth control are also present, as well as a stereo/mono selector switch. A footswitch jack for activating the tremolo effect is located under the chassis. In mono mode, the amp is plenty loud and sounds fabulous for blues and rock. The 6BQ5s go into a creamy smooth overdrive about a quarter of the way up the volume dial. The Clean tone has great warm sound.

In stereo mode, the amp suddenly becomes "three dimensional" sounding. It's difficult to play a mono amp after playing this great sounding stereo amp. The side mounted speakers have a magic effect on the tremolo signal. In mono mode, the tremolo is typical of that found on any late 1950s guitar amp. In stereo mode the tremolo pans between the left and right set of speakers. The resulting sound is unbelievably cool since it sounds like a Leslie rotating speaker!! Wow! You don't miss having reverb with this amp at all. The bluesy overdrive and the pseudo-Leslie effect are all that you could want or need. The Gibson GA-83S is just too cool to look at, too cool for blues tone, and too cool with its Leslie effect that you have to get one someday.

Some features are:

  • Made in USA
  • Tremolo - Leslie like left to right pulse
  • 1 x 12" - Jensen Speaker
  • 4 x 8" Jensen Speakers
  • 2x18 Watts in Stereo - 36 watts mono
  • 4-EL84 (6BQ5), 4-12AX7 (7025), 3-6CG7, 1-12AU7, 1-Rectifier Tubes - Total of 13 tubes!

The amp sounds fabulous. It looks fabulous! Here's your chance to get a rare collectable great awesome sounding amp about the size of a Twin Reverb!

Shipping: No shipping on this amp, but we will drive and meet you in Knoxville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Indianapolis, IN; or points between. Item may be picked up at our store for free.

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