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Superior Music           Musician JOKES page "Banjo Players"
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Q: How are a banjo player and a blind javelin thrower alike?
A: Both command immediate attention and alarm, and force everyone to move out of range
Q: What will you never say about a banjo player?
A: That's the banjo player's Porsche.

Q: Why do some people have an instant aversion to banjo players?
A: It saves time in the long run.
Q: – What’s the difference between a banjo and a trampoline?
A: – You take off your shoes to jump on a trampoline.
Q: – What’s the most common thing said to a BANJO player in a 3-piece suit?
A: – "Will the defendant please rise"
Q: What's the definition of Perfect Pitch?
A: When you toss a banjo into a dumpster and it hits an accordion.
Q: What's the difference between a banjo and an onion….
A: No-one cries when you cut up a banjo.